Recap 2016_final

27 free audience screenings attracted over 5,000 series fans to the cinemas over three days. A fantastic second edition of the Seriencamp Festival.


Festival Program 2016

seriencamp_screening_american horror story

Jede Staffel von "American Horror Story" ist als in sich geschlossene Miniserie konzipiert, die unterschiedliche Charaktere und Schauplätze mit vielen popkulturellen Bezügen und Motiven kombiniert. In der sechsten Staffel geht es um das mysteriöse Verschwinden der Siedler der ersten britischen Kolonie in Amerika im späten 16. Gruselig!


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seriencamp_screening_baron noir

This French version of "House of Cards" not only infuriated the current President Hollande, but also received rave reviews in his home country, not least because actor Kad Merad plays every facet of his dazzling character to the full.

seriencamp_screening_beau sejour_0

A girl stumbles upon her dead body and begins investigating her own murder in this riveting thriller from Belgium that turns "Dead Like Me" and "The Sixth Sense" into something intriguing and new. Looks like Nordic noir has found its Belgian counterpart!


In Sweden, there is hardly any way around the indie FLX, which has become the fastest-growing production company in its home country with "The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Went Out the Window and Disappeared" and "Welcome To Sweden," among others. ...

seriencamp_screening_bureau des legendes

Combining the seriousness of classics like "The Three Days of Condor" with the political turmoil of today, this French take on the classic spy thriller confronts an undercover agent (Mathieu Kassovitz) with an opaque game of deceit and deception after he returns home after six years in Syria.

seriencamp_screening_call my agent_0

One of the latest surprises from France, "Call My Agent," revolves around a successful art agency and its popular real-life clients - with often hilarious consequences.

seriencamp_screening_cartoon madness_0

We cordially invite you to dive down the animated rabbit hole....

seriencamp_screening_close to the enemy_0

A German rocket scientist is kidnapped by British intelligence after World War II to share his secret knowledge with his captors.


"Sex And The City" icon Sarah Jessica Parker plays a woman on the verge of divorce who wants to build a new life for herself. With often hilarious results...

seriencamp_panel_fokus doku

Seriell aufgearbeitete dokumentarische Stoffe erobern derzeit Senderplätze und Publikumsherzen. Wir reden über dieses innovative Genre.


Academy Award® winner Billy Bob Thornton stars alongside William Hurt and Maria Bello in this new courtroom drama from "Ally Mc- Beal" creator David E. Kelley.

seriencamp_screening_high maintenance

Nameless marijuana dealer "The Guy" (Ben Sinclair) delivers his wares to a bunch of lively, obscure and often strange characters, painting an authentic and often hilarious portrait of various subcultures in New York City. A gem!

seriencamp_screening_killing grandma

Grandma Zelig is tougher than leather. This makes her a target not only for local businessmen and politicians, but also for her own family. An insanely dark comedy-drama that has earned its makers several Israeli Academy Awards.


War isn't funny, but it is darkly comic in this gritty tale of a group of French soldiers who do everything in their power to prevent their unit from returning home after the war in Afghanistan.

seriencamp_panel_new formats

Around the world, series creators are exploring innovative new avenues for serialized storytelling. We want to talk about the future of series beyond the classic channels. And also introduce two sensational new projects!


"Outsiders" is an action-oriented drama about a family that lives outside society according to its own laws. It combines the spirit of series like "Sons of Anarchy" and "Vikings" with the tradition of American political discourse between freedom and power.


Based on a series of novels by "Road to Perdition" author Max Allan Collins, "Quarry" confronts us with the story of Vietnam veteran Mac Conway (Marshall-Green), who continues his killing spree after returning to Memphis - this time for the money and the mysterious "Broker."

seriencamp_screening_club der roten bänder

TV channel VOX's first fictional series focuses on a group of teenagers who, contrary to all standards of hospital dramas, have to cope with a strenuous, life-threatening illness and the everyday problems of a hospital in a dramatic and heartwarming way.

seriencamp_screening_search party_0

The creators of "Broad City" and "Wet Hot American Summer" deliver the perfect blend of indie comedy à la "Girls" and murder mystery in this Brooklyn-based dramedy, which premiered at this year's SWSX and is played by "Arrested Devel- opment" alumna Alia Shawkat.


Normally, three editors of seriesly AWESOME talk about series topics every two weeks in the titular podcast on Youtube. And from A to Z, each with three topics and the ultimate discussion about "The best series with the letter...". That's about to change for SERIENCAMP, for a change: More discussion, more AWESOMER, more letters - and, of course, more fun. All recorded live in front of an audience that can join in. Have fun!


The series slam from our friends at seriesly AWESOME is coming back again this year.


Das gewöhnliche Leben von fünf Mädchen im Teenageralter wird auf außergewöhnliche Weise erzählt und durch die ständige Dramatisierung und Interaktion über Social-Media-Profile bereichert. "Skam" ist dazu bestimmt, ein weltweites Phänomen zu werden.


A panel about soundtrack in series

seriencamp_screening_the detour_0

They are neither the Millers nor the Griswolds, but their own kind of dysfunctional family: meet Nate, Robin and their twins as they embark on a journey that will be a comedy treasure for anyone with even the slightest idea of what it means to have a family.

seriencamp_screening_the five_0

Five teenagers go into the woods in 1995, but only four return, the youngest of them apparently kidnapped and murdered by a serial killer. The year is 2015, when police find the boy's DNA at a crime scene. That's just the riveting beginning of this breathless thriller based on an idea by Harlan Coben.


In this gripping thriller, a surgeon's family is taken hostage to force her to kill the Israeli prime minister during a surgical procedure.

Picture shows: Anna Macy (ELIZABETH DEBICKI)

Tasmania serves as the perfect backdrop for this tale of unsolved disappearances and paranormal events that lead young Anna Macy (Elizabeth Debicki from "The Night Manager") back to her hometown and childhood traumas.

The Writer

"The Writer" has already been hailed around the world as one of the best new Israeli series, and centers on writer Sayed Kashua, an Arab-Palestinian immigrant living in Israel and struggling with both his fictional alter ego and his place between his new home and his heritage.

seriencamp_screening_young pope

For his first serial drama, Oscar® and Golden Globe winner Paolo Sorrentino ("La Grande Bellezza") combines the political aspects of his "Il Divo" with the beauty of Rome and the Vatican to tell the story of an unusual and highly fallible Pope - portrayed by his charismatic leading man Jude Law.


We present six web series gems from around the world, from which our jury will choose a certainly worthy winner.


Der lang erwartete Nachfolger von HBOs "Game of Thrones" erzählt die Geschichte des Michael Crichton-Klassikers "Westworld" neu und schafft es, die Geschichte von wild gewordenen Robotern in einem futuristischen Themenpark namens "Westworld" zu vertiefen.