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Close To The Enemy


„Close To The Enemy“ ran 2016 in the festival cinema program.

Historical material is still extremely popular, especially on linear television. This is the case with Germany's public broadcasters and little different with their British counterparts. On the one hand, this is probably due to the somewhat older and more "history-conscious" target audience of such projects, and on the other hand to the budget and prestige that such productions usually bring with them in excess. This is also the case with "Close To The Enemy", which is dedicated to the little-digested British-German post-war history and, with August Diehl as Dieter Koehler, focuses on a German rocket scientist who, along with his daughter, has been abducted by the British secret service. After all, after the end of the Third Reich, one does not necessarily want to leave the scientific créme de la créme to the Allied partners. In order to gain access to his knowledge, father and daughter are shipped off to a luxury hotel in the middle of bombed-out London, where it is up to Jim Sturgess (with the support of "Game Of Thrones" star Alfie Allen) to gain the trust of the quasi prisoner-of-war scientist. In other roles in the great drama are still Angela Bassett ("American Horror Story"), Freddie Highmore ("Bates Motel"), Alfred Molina and the German stars Aleksandar Jovanovic and Antje Traue ("Weinberg") to see.

A German rocket scientist is - along with his daughter - abducted by British intelligence in the aftermath of World War II to share his secret knowledge with his captors. Jim Sturgess and "Game Of Thrones" star Alfie Allen play the intelligence officers eager to win the scientists trust in this ambitious drama by screenwriter and director Stephen Poliakoff.