„Quarry“ ran 2016 in the festival cinema program.



It is as so often in the case of war-scarred veterans from Vietnam: the war is not over after their return home. So it is for Mac Conway (Logan Marshall-Green), who is not exactly welcomed with open arms by the public for alleged war crimes when he returns to Memphis and his wife Joni (Jodi Balfour) in 1972. But then the "Broker" (Peter Mullan) comes on the scene to make him an offer that will bring his skills to bear back home: in exchange for considerable sums of money, Mac is to become a hit man. Sooner or later he gets caught in a web of murder and corruption. However, what series veteran Greg Yaitanes ("Banshee", "Dr. House") serves us here, based on a story by Max Allan Collins ("Road To Perdition"), has little to do with "Rambo" and its ilk. Rather, with an extremely atmospheric and dressed in impressive images trip to the like the rest of the U.S. broken Mississippi Delta of the early 70s, the slow descent of an already fallen, which drags the viewer relentlessly into (s)a deep black hole.

Based on a series of novels by "Road to Perdition" author Max Allan Collins, "Quarry" confronts us with the story of vietnam vet Mac Conway (Marshall-Green), who continues his killing spree after having returned to Memphis - this time for money and the mysterious "broker."

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