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The Detour


„The Detour“ ran 2016 in the festival cinema program.

The Griswolds, that unbreakable family around Chevy Chase, which traveled especially in the 90s from one faux pas into the next, receives serial reinforcement - and we're not talking about the recently successful in the cinema "We are the Millers", which comedically blew a very similar horn. "The Detour" is the brainchild of "Daily Show" correspondents Jason Jones and Samantha Bee, who want to draw on their own experiences for the increasingly out-of-control family road trip. And if the events surrounding the family road trip are even halfway based on the reality of the Jones/Bee couple, then good night! Because the fact that father Nate learns of his job loss shortly before their departure is only one of several plot points that keep the plot going and the diaphragm quivering. Of course, the job loss can't be hidden from wife Robin and the teenage twins any more than many other repressed family crises. Not counting the chaos that unfolds in the course of ten increasingly absurd episodes around ever new acquaintances. The whole thing is spiced up with everything that the arsenal has to offer below the belt and beyond good taste. Which is why "family comedy" here explicitly describes the content and not the target audience of "The Detour". Good trip!

They are neither Millers nor Griswolds but their own kind of dysfunctional family: Meet Nate, Robin and their twins, as they embark on a journey that proves to be comedy gold for everyone who has the slightest idea of what it means to have a family.