The Writer

The Writer


„The Writer“ ran 2016 in the festival cinema program.

In the context of Israel's TV output, which seems to be expanding at will to include highlights, things get political even when it gets down to the nitty-gritty - one's own personality. This is also the case with the comedy format "The Writer," with which author and creator Sayed Kashua ("Arab Labor") approaches himself. The series centers on his alter ego Kateb (Yousef Sweid), an Arab Israeli who enjoys great success with his series "Arab Labor" but falls into a deep creative and life crisis around his 40th birthday. This is fed not only by the gap between his satirically eviscerated alter ego and his true personality, but also by the political and personal discord that arises from his origins. Like all great personal dramas, of course, this lends itself particularly well to a comedic treatment, somewhere between Kishon and Woody Allen. A fact that has already earned "The Writer" praise around the globe - most recently at the Berlinale Drama Days, where the series was also shown in Germany for the first time.

Already hailed around the world as one of Israel's best new series, "The Writer" centers around its writer Sayed Kashua, an Arab-Palestenian, who lives in Israel and struggles with both his fictional alter ego and his place inbetween his new home and his origins.