Loin De Chez Nous


„Loin De Chez Nous“ ran 2016 in the festival cinema program.

In France, this really pitch-black "comedy about war", which just started there, is one of the big buzz topics of the fall season. A brief look at the plot of this series, positioned somewhere between "Jarhead" and "M*A*S*H," makes it clear why this is so, as it does not shy away from going where it particularly hurts, even for a European superpower like France, which defines itself through military successes. To Afghanistan. Or rather: Actually, the soldiers stationed here are supposed to return home in 2012, which makes most of the tired warriors happy. Except for a small unit under Sergeant Dostali (Fred Scotlande), the so-called "Chat Noirs", who still have some unfinished business here. That's why they do everything they can to delay the planned withdrawal from the crisis area. This is made considerably more difficult by the appearance of a journalist. This is not the story of a war, but of the people who fought it and have to try to come to terms with it. At the same time, a veritable one-man project by writer, director and lead actor Scotlande, whose courage will hopefully be rewarded with a few buzz waves beyond French borders.

War ain't funny but it is darkly comedic in this sinister tale of a French group of soldiers, who try to do anything in their power to stop their squad from returning home after the war in Afghanistan has been fought.