„Bonusfamiljen“ ran 2016 in the festival cinema program.

In Sweden, there is hardly any way around the indie FLX, which has become the fastest-growing production company in its home country with "The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Went Out the Window and Disappeared" and "Welcome To Sweden," among others. Not least thanks to the creative concepts of co-owner and creative director Felix Herngren, on whose own experiences (and those of his wife Clara and his sister Moa) "Bonusfamiljen" ("The Bonus Family") is also based, which will be broadcast in early 2017, initially on Swedish station SVT ("Real Humans," "Jordskott"). The internationally already hotly traded dramedy could hardly be more topical and revolves not only around the couple Lisa (Vera Vitali) and Patrik (Erik Johansson), but also around a total of three children from their previous relationships, as well as the respective ex-wife (Petra Mede) or ex-husband (Fredrik Hallgren). This family constellation, modern in every respect, forms the basis of the ten 45-minute episodes, the first two of which can be seen as a world premiere at Seriencamp. An absolutely worth seeing counter-draft to the classic "Nordic Noir", which may well set a precedent as "Nordic Light".

"The Bonus Family" from Swedish production powerhouse FLX centers around the challenges of remarriage and combining families and may well be one of the hottest Scandinavian TV exports this coming year. Scheduled for early 2017, "The Bonus Family" has its world premiere at Seriencamp.