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Killing Grandma


„Killing Grandma“ ran 2016 in the festival cinema program.

Jewish humor is not only highly intelligent, but usually also quite black. The latest Israeli series export "Killing Grandma" underlines just how black, and not only in its title. The Zelig clan, which emigrated from Romania to Israel in the 1950s, is at the center of this not very squeamish family saga. Grandma Aliza presides over the clan - with a hard hand and a sharp tongue. This is felt not only by entrepreneurs and officials who would like to buy the family land from her, but also by her own children and children's children, who have to pursue their not entirely clean business in constant fear of losing their grandmother's favor. What is at first only hinted at in jest soon becomes macabre reality: the plan to finally put the grandmother around the corner. At least for the series creators David Ofek, Lior Shefer and Yosi Madmony with great success: At the last Israeli "Oscars" "Killing Grandma" could clear prizes for the best comedy series, the best direction, the best script and the best female lead (the Israeli folk icon Miri Aloni). Recent series history ("Homeland," "In Treatment," "Hostages") charts the path that such successful formats usually take...

Grandma Zelig is tougher than leather. That makes her the target not only of local businessmen and politicians but her own family as well. A deliriously dark comedy-drama, that has won its makers several Israeli Acadamy Awards.