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The Five


„The Five“ ran 2016 in the festival cinema program.

Last year, BAFTA winner Danny Brocklehurst ("Shameless", "The Driver") presented his new project at Seriencamp as a "work in progress", so it's all the nicer that we can now present the finished series baby at the same place a year later. The project was conceived and created by none other than bestselling author Harlan Coben, whose narrative style can also be found in the mystery-crime plot, which takes wild turns and throws out a dozen false leads. It starts in the mid-nineties, when four teenage friends send the little brother of one of them home unsupervised, where the boy never arrives. According to the confession of a sex offender who was later arrested, he was also one of his victims. 20 years later, the four are confronted in an unusual way with this ghost from their past. One of them, Kenwood, as a detective of the local police, has to deal with a murder, at the crime scene of which the DNA of the then disappeared can be clearly detected. Especially for the brother (Tom Cullen) of the then victim reason for investigations on their own, in the consequence of which also the fates of more recent abducted women come into focus. And that's just the beginning of a pretty breathless "robbery pistole" with proper addictive potential (and the prospect of a series sequel - "The Four").

Five teenagers out in the woods in 1995, but only four return, with the youngest of them having seemingly been abducted and murdered by a serial killer. Fast forward to 2015, where police finds the boy's DNA at a crime scene. Just the intriguing beginning for this breathless crime-thriller, based on an idea by Harlan Coben.