Picture shows: Anna Macy (ELIZABETH DEBICKI)

The Kettering Incident


„The Kettering Incident“ ran 2016 in the festival cinema program.

Not only the setting of Tasmania is unusual for a series, but also the way Elizabeth Debicki ("The Night Manager", "Guardians Of The Galaxy II") as doctor Anna Macy gets there again. Fifteen years earlier, one of her friends disappeared without a trace in the middle of the forest, a mystery that was also blamed on her in her homeland. Now, in London, she is plagued by visions and inexplicable blackouts, as a result of which she awakens back in Tasmania with no memory of her arrival. Here a real cult has formed around the mysterious events in the forest - the so-called "Kettering Incident" - which soon catches up with the still somewhat disoriented doctor. Inexplicable lights and people who have disappeared without a trace are one of the phenomena Anna has to deal with in this increasingly opaque mystery, while local political networks with different interests are the other. This not only results in often oppressive and impressive images, but also increasingly triggers addictive tendencies in the audience. Which should feel very entertained somewhere between "Top Of The Lake", "Jordskott" and "Picnic On Valentine's Day". Even if a German licensee is (still) pending.

Tasmania serves as the perfect backdrop for this tale of unsolved disappearances and paranormal events, that bring young Anna Macy (Elizabeth Debicki from "The Night Manager") back to her hometown and the traumas of her childhood.