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High Maintenance


„High Maintenance“ ran 2016 in the festival cinema program.

A nameless drug courier (series creator Ben Sinclair as "The Guy") opens up the microcosm of Brooklyn and - in part - Manhattan to us in the context of his daily deliveries to a wide variety of consumers. This was the starting point of a web series that was soon celebrated to hymn-like acclaim and found so many enthusiastic followers between 2012 and 2015 that HBO secured the complete package and ordered a third season - also adapted to current comedy formats in terms of running time. The husband-and-wife team of Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld can now draw from the full range and take us into a universe that - apart from quite explicit sex and drug use - is not at all dissimilar to "Tatortreiniger" in its anthological structure. In each episode, the viewer and "The Guy" focus on other characters and their problems and surroundings, which often serves as a catalyst for screamingly funny developments and, at the same time, very authentic and real-life insights. "Downton Abbey" star Dan Stevens, who starred as a cross-dresser in the web series, calls it "a brilliant collection of character portraits"; for "Orange Is The New Black" creator Jenji Kohan, "High Maintenance" delivers little gems. We think it's fantastic. And are pleased that Sky has brought the comedy gem to Germany.

Nameless marijuana dealer "The Guy" (Ben Sinclair) delivers his product to a bunch of lively, obscure and often strange charac- ters and in doing so paints an authentic and often hilariously funny portrait of different subcultures in New Yor City. A gem!