„Goliath“ ran 2016 in the festival cinema program.

For a long time, it was pretty quiet around one of the most important series creators of the nineties and early noughties: the quirky small-town drama "Picket Fences" (1992-96) and the hospital classic "Chicago Hope" (1994-2000) were then as much to the account of David E. Kelley, as did the legendary "L.A. Law" (1984-1994) and its legal successors "The Practice" (1997-2004), "Ally McBeal" (1997-2002) and "Boston Legal" (2004-2008), and the school drama "Boston Public" (2000-2004). But pretty much everything Kelley touched as a result turned into television lead on network shelves. Until Amazon Prime Video stepped into the breach and tasked Kelley with what he does best: A new courtroom drama. Now, "Goliath" not only boasts a gripping plot, but also a pretty sensational cast. Led by Oscar® winner Billy Bob Thornton, the ensemble cast includes Oscar® winner William Hurt, two-time Golden Globe nominee Maria Bello and Olivia Thirlby as Kelley navigates legally choppy waters as Creator along with Jonathan Shapiro ("Practice," "Boston Legal," "Life," "The Firm"). In it, Thornton plays what he probably does best (after his down-and-out Santa Claus in "Bad Santa," a down-and-out baseball coach in "The Bears Are Out" and the down-and-out hitman in "Fargo"): A down-and-out lawyer.

Oscar®-winner Billy Bob Thornton stars alongside William Hurt and Maria Bello in this new courtroom-drama by "Ally Mc- Beal"-creator David E. Kelley.