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Beau Séjour


„Beau Séjour“ ran 2016 in the festival cinema program.

In a strong Belgian TV year, "Beau Séjour" is one of the absolute highlights. And that's despite the fact that the synopsis initially reads like a cross between "Dead Like Me" and "The Sixth Sense." But with the premise - "Young girl wakes up in hotel room and stumbles over her own gruesomely dressed corpse" - series creators Nuyens and van Dael don't dwell too long at all. Together with the young protagonist Kato, we simply have to accept her death and her inexplicable continuation of life. And with her, we slowly grope our way forward into a small-town world in which it is initially impossible for the girl to make contact with those closest to her. Not least because the police are not very clever when it comes to solving her murder - and because she could just barely escape the hotel room before someone (the perpetrator?) returns there - Kato sets out herself to investigate the circumstances of her murder more closely. And it quickly turns out that there are definitely a few people in her immediate environment who can further perceive her. As a result, this is one thing above all: an incredibly cleverly knit and impressively staged whodunit whose supernatural aspects are ideally suited to put "Beau Séjour" on every mystery fan's series map in the coming year.

A girl stumbles over her dead body and starts to investigate her own murder in this captivating murder mystery from Belgium, which channels "Dead Like Me" and "The Sixth Sense" into something fascinating and new. Looks like the Nordic noir has found is Belgian counterpart!