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Baron Noir


„Baron Noir“ ran 2016 in the festival cinema program.

For many viewers - especially in France - the political tremor that "Marseille" might have wanted to trigger was just a rather superficial jolt. Nothing compared to the tirades that one François Holland allegedly spewed against another series. Because it deliberately worsened the image of politics - and rightly so, as "Figaro" pointed out on the contrary. Let's hope that "Baron Noir," if this legendary piece of political saga ever makes it to Germany, won't be sold as a "new series with the guy from the shtetl. For the role that Kad Merad embodies here as the black baron has little in common with French feel-good comedy fare. It has more in common with "House Of Cards", which is often used as a reference. For his fictional mayor Philippe Rickwaert also becomes the victim of internal party intrigues - which he takes as an opportunity to make the newly elected president the target of sinister revenge plans. For which he enlists the support of his entire half-silent network. In addition, noble mimes of the brand Niels Arestrup and Anna Mouglais. Bon Appetit!

This French take on "House of Cards" not only enraged the actual president Hollande, it also received rave reviews on its home turf, not least because actor Kad Merad delivers on every juicy aspect of his iridescent character.