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Büro der Legenden


„Büro der Legenden“ ran 2016 in the festival cinema program.

Series creator Eric Rochant ("Mafiosa") knows all about the pitfalls of international intelligence work. After all, he already had Yvan Attal join the Mossad more than 20 years ago in "State Order: Murder," and three years ago with "The Möbius Affair" he wove an opaque bond in which Oscar winners Jean Dujardin, Tim Roth and Cécile De France, among others, were allowed to get tangled up. That was strong cinema in itself, but it does not adequately prepare the viewer for the qualities of "Office of the Legends," which can claim to be probably the best and most realistic spy series in the world today - not least because of the references to current events that can hardly be dismissed out of hand. Mathieu Kassovitz ("Hate - La Haine", "Munich") plays the French secret agent Guillaume Debailly, who returns home after six (!) undercover years in Syria, where he has problems leaving his ex-identity behind and finding his way back into the daily routine of an intelligence office. When his Syrian past comes back in the form of his ex-lover and Guillaume has to solve the disappearance of a colleague in Algeria, his newly recovered life is once again thrown out of kilter. Especially since hardly anyone in Debailly's environment is what he pretends to be...

This French take on the classic spy thriller pairs the seriousness of classics such as "Three Days Of The Condor" with the political turbulence of today and confronts an undercover agent (Mathieu Kassovitz) with a shadowy game of deceit and fraud after he returns home after six years in Syria.