„Divorce“ ran 2016 in the festival cinema program.

Almost 20 years after she celebrated her debut on "Sex And The City," Sarah Jessica Parker is back with her first series engagement - and with a character that seems like a diametric contrast to the former icon she embodied. In "Divorce" from series creator Sharon Horgan (actress and creator of the wonderful series "Catastrophe", which has not yet been shown in Germany), she stands at the beginning of a long and painful divorce from her husband (Thomas Hayden Church), which threatens to get badly out of hand according to all the rules of classic wars of the Roses. For her Frances is not the only potentially affected party. Her affair (Jermaine Clement) is also caught off guard by her divorce plans, and the two children, who are still minors, are best left out of the loop. Which is not so easy after her cuckolded husband finds out about his rival and unceremoniously throws Frances out the door. As bitter as the topic is, as predominantly black-humored and adult in every respect is the realization, which follows classic comedy guidelines, but subverts them again and again with pitch-black twists and biting dialogues: An illusionless and often quite nasty look behind the scenes of a marriage in shambles, in which the laughter is more than once stuck in the throat.

"Sex And The City"-icon Sarah Jessica Parker stars as a woman on the brink of divorce and settling into a new life. With often hilarious results...