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Call My Agent (Dix Pourcent)


„Call My Agent (Dix Pourcent)“ ran 2016 in the festival cinema program.

The fine line between art and commerce is not only the focus of this dramedy, which has become a surprise success in France, it also characterizes what "Dix Pourcent" itself stands for in a series business that is increasingly oriented toward international standards. It took nine years from the first idea for a series to its realization, which took place on public television rather than on a French player with a penchant for experimentation. That's astonishing for a concept that combines drama with comedy and realism and doesn't necessarily have the same appeal as conventional crime or comedy formats. Actually. The fact that the story of an artists' agency and the fates of its employees works so well is not only due to the sparkling dialogues or the thoroughly adept direction by the prominent string-puller Cédric Klapisch ("L'Auberge Espagnole"), but above all to the prominent guest stars, who take themselves for a ride in episodic changes as agency clients. Among others, Cécile De France, Xavier Dolan muse Nathalie Baye, Gilles Lelouche and Francois Berléand can be seen as themselves. With great success! No wonder the celebrities lined up for the cast of the second season, which is currently filming...

One of the most recent surprises coming from France, "Call My Agent" revolves around a successful artost agency and their popular real-life clients - with often hilarious consequences.