seriencamp_screening_club der roten bänder

Red Ribbon Club (Final Screening and SERIAL CAMP AWARDS)


„Red Ribbon Club (Final Screening and SERIAL CAMP AWARDS)“ ran 2016 in the festival cinema program.

No other genre of series is as strongly occupied with seemingly unbreakable rules as the German hospital series. However, VOX's first fictional in-house production, with its mix of drama and comedy, takes a completely unique path beyond "In aller Freundschaft" and the like, triggering a storm of enthusiasm among fans and critics alike. The "Red Ribbon Club" is not made up of demigods in white, but of young people who are united by a common fate - a serious illness that tears them away from their everyday lives. United by their red surgical ribbons, in the first season we get to know Leo (Tim Oliver Schultz), Jonas (Damian Hardung), Emma (Luise Befort), Hugo (Nick Julius Schuck), Alex (Timur Bartels) and Toni (Ivo Kortlang), who together try never to lose heart even in the face of death. We are pleased to be able to show the first two episodes of the second season as a German premiere at the Seriencamp in the presence of three main actors. 

Despite all standards of hospital-dramas, the first fictional series produced by German TV-station VOX focuses on a group of adolescents, who have to cope with exhausting life threatening illness and the daily problems of living in a hospital in a dramatic and heartwarming fashion.