Seriencamp Festival is back on the big screen and we look forward to welcoming you to the 8th edition of our festival from October 6-9, 2022.


Festival Program 2022

1985_copyright Thomas Nolf-Eyeworks Julia Métral

Next entry in the latest Belgian series success story: by looking at one of the darkest chapters in recent Belgian history, the successful producers of Eyeworks awaken an understanding for the upheavals of today.

Another Monday

Return of the good old time loop: In the neo-original "Another Monday", several protagonists always experience the same day. And soon find themselves confronted with questions of a very existential nature.

Big Boys Series 1 Ep3

Two university freshboys between coming out, coming-of-age and friendship for life: The semi-biographical adaptation of a comedy program by Jack Rooke inspires as a male "Fleabag" variant.


It is the supreme discipline in comedy-romance: the love triangle. In the award-winning Israeli hit series "Bloody Murray," two best friends - one of them a rom-com - are caught in the middle.


Seriencamp and "Bookclub and Friends" invite you to a discussion about literature and series adaptation. Following the presentation of "Everything I Know About Love", which is based on the international bestseller by Dolly Alderton, there will be a lively discussion about faithfulness to the original, differences and literary adaptations in general.

BOYS_01.22.19.22_1.294.1 CMYK

Growing up in small-town Denmark: Between church choir and the forbidden fruits of adolescence, ten young men are confronted with the chasms that lie in between.

Kolosseum Staffel1 EP Die Beastmaster

Semi-documentary approach to bread and games: The HISTORY Channel invites you into the battle arena, bridging hundreds of years of Roman history.

A VERY ORDINARYWORLDDGBO_2_00000000 Julia Métral

The two friends Romaine and Isaure experience a coming-of-age story in 1990s France between political radicalization and the porn industry.


Rap is becoming suitable for series: After examples from Germany, France and the USA, Argentina is now convincing with a coming-of-age and upward mobility story produced for HBO Max.

Die Discounter S2_ausverkauft

Comedy fare from the discount store: In the style of mockumentary hits like "Stromberg" and "The Office," producer Christian Ulmen has his "jerks. in the supermarket to create a continuous stream of foreign shame.

winner Le Monde De Demain (Die Welt von Morgen) (c)Jean-Claude Lother

Out of the banlieu, into the motherf*****g rap business. For This World of Tomorrow, arte and Netflix trace the rise of France's perhaps most legendary hip-hop crew Supreme NTM in late 1980s Paris.

seriencamp-festival-2021-600x315 Kopie

Actually, the digital short form, formerly labeled web series, only anticipated the streaming boom. It was serial content that was available around the world at any time and didn't give a damn about the conventions of linear broadcasting and ...


Five young millenials experience the dependency and alienation that the Internet can bring. This downward spiral is told with a lot of black humor.


Coming-of-age without parental supervision. To celebrate Zendaya's Emmy win and the Emmy sweep in general, we dedicate a special screening to the exceptional series "Euphoria."


"Sex & The City for Millenials. Based on her own bestseller, Dolly Alderton tells us everything she knows about love. Or thinks she knows.

Float Still 2

The love of two women in a small seaside town is put to the test when one of them - Jade - is caught up in her past. A feature by acclaimed Scottish playwright Stef Smith.


A young actress lives through hell as she fights off an unpleasant director, a hostile city and her own thoughts. A hallucinatory coming-of-age drama.

Helsinki Syndrooma, Helsinki Syndrome

A hostage-taker makes himself editor-in-chief of a Finnish newspaper to expose the nefarious goings-on of the banking sector. Gripping and stirring thriller highlight from the "Bordertown" makers.


Five young women have found something like a surrogate family in their relationship with each other and have to protect it against external developments.

'Verden er din'

Lesbian self-determination in the far north: For 30-year-old Odile, life is a little more complicated than for her friends. She finds expression in rap, of all things.

JeNeSuisPasUneRobot_S01E05_F (1) Charlotte Pestre

Marie-Chantal, the social networking moderator, has to face the daily madness of the networks almost like a machine, and to top it all off, there's the hunt for a kitten killer who has gone viral on the internet.


The three children Melissa, Eddy and Karine live in the same apartment block in the Canadian city of Montréal. As the title suggests they are in danger of being swept away by poverty, violence and neglect.


Bass, bass, we need bass! With visual brilliance and under musical high pressure, Chas Appeti and Junior Okoli become chroniclers of the British grime and drill scene. And "Jungle" one of the series secret tips of the year.


Noble decadence instead of homely Sissi romance: Emilia Schüle follows in Kirsten Dunst's rococo footsteps and turns the French people against her as "Marie Antoinette".


Move over, Phoebe Waller-Bridge! In the incredibly talented Nicôle Lecky, the serial world has found its new superstar, with "Mood" the perfect symbiosis of music and social media self-reflection.


Recording of a live podcast about the festival. Gerhard Maier, Ren Kühn and Hanna Huge talk about the next series hits, the right streaming services and the worst series finales. The podcast is presented by "Sehr Serien", "Serienflash" and "".

P plus sneak peek

From December, a streamer comes to Germany with Paramount+, which has a lot of famous names in the luggage - at the series camp there is the opportunity to discover some highlights in advance on the big screen! Shown will be "The Offer", "The ...

Peacemaker_ CMYK

A man like an advertising poster for machismo: As "Suicide Squad" peacemaker, wrestling star John Cena primarily lets weapons do the talking. And thus provides DC with a truly convincing hit series.


Coming-of-age and gender-issues in contemporary Italy: With "Prisma", the maker of the Italian "Skam" spin-off embarks on a poetic trip into the minds and hearts of a group of teenagers.


Two high school friends reunite as a rap duo. Between everyday worries and plans for the future, they suddenly go viral.


A badass beauty pageant as "Squid Game" in the Mexican jungle: Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larrain ("Jackie," "Spencer") exposes the misogynistic goings-on of beauty pageants.

Winner Sexfluencing (Shortform Awards) (c)Matus Krajnak

In 5 episodes Matus Krajnak illuminates the life of the young and queer vlogger Milan. It is about dating and other disasters in the metropolis of London.


Between all stools and time levels. The gripping German Sky original "Souls" has already impressed at Cannes and recommends itself to series esoterics as an ingeniously intricate and atmospheric mystery puzzle.


Back to the roots: With Captain Christopher Pike, the “Star Trek” universe even ventures back to the time before Captain Kirk. And thus evokes the spirit of the iconic original.

It was probably the moment that turned "Star Trek: Discovery" ...

Winner The Bear (c)Hulu

Stress. Between cooking pots, high cuisine and traumas, Christopher Storer ("Ramy") and Hiro Murai ("Atlanta") put us right in the middle of the grueling everyday life of a Chicago kitchen team.


Return to Copenhagen's Imperial Hospital. Like his source of inspiration David Lynch, Danish director-entertainment-terrible Lars von Trier returns to his genre-premiering cult series nearly 30 years after its creation.

ManWhoDied CMYK

Mushrooms and black humor in lethal doses: Jussi Vatanen tries to find his own killer in this adaptation of Tuomainen's bestseller "The Last Meters to the Graveyard". "Fargo" sends its regards

101 - Hallo Spaceboy

A Space Oddity in a modern guise: "Star Trek" mastermind Alex Kurtzman remakes the David Bowie film classic and lets Chiwetel Ejiofor discover his humanity as an alien.


It's an offer no one should turn down: "The Player" writer Michael Tolkin has half of Hollywood lining up to pay its lavish tribute to the making of an early 1970s classic.

THE OLD MAN -- Pictured: Jeff Bridges as Dan Chase. CR: Kurt Iswarienko/FX

The old man still wants more: "Big Lebowski" Jeff Bridges returns to the series business as a former CIA agent and gets to show Disney+ that he can still be extremely dangerous as a pensioner.

This England - S1

Frighteningly close to real downing street 10: alongside Boris Johnson and his staff, "This England" takes us once again to the edge of the Corona crisis.

Totenfrau - Folge 1

For the serial adaptation of Bernhard Aichner's furious bestselling trilogy, Anna Maria Mühe must act as a mortician in her own right: First she puts her husband in the ground, then hopefully hunts down his murderer.


Audience-pleasing mystery thriller: Despite the limitations in the Slovenian series production circus, director Sonja Prosenc remains internationally competitive with "Trigrad".