Bookclub by Bookclub&Friends


„Bookclub by Bookclub&Friends“ ran 2022 in the festival cinema program.

We regularly talk about the latest series, but about the latest books? rarely. That's exactly why the book club "Bookclub and Friends" exists. A flexible book club that meets regularly in the cities of Berlin and Munich. There is no fixed group or place to meet, but alternating events that anyone can sign up for. No one should feel pressure to read. In addition, the changing groups always make for a new, exciting dynamic. And what is discussed? Fiction books that everyone is talking about! Or even - like today- books that serve as a template for a movie or series. "It's important to me that the book ties in with the zeitgeist and leaves room for discussion," says founder Julia Loibl, who also runs the club today.

This room for discussion is what we offer together with "Bookclub and Friends" as part of the series camp. Following the screening of "Everything I Know About Love", which is based on the international bestseller by Dolly Alderton, there will be a lively discussion about faithfulness to the original, differences and literary adaptations in general.

MODERATION: Julia Loibl (Bookclub and Friends)

Presented by Bookclub and Friends

The bookclub is limited to 35 participants