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Die Discounter - Season 2


„Die Discounter - Season 2“ ran 2022 in the festival cinema program.

Comedy fare from the discounter: Following mockumentary hits such as "Stromberg" and "The Office," producer Christian Ulmen has his "jerks." cause a constant stream of embarrassment in the supermarket.

A spectre is haunting "delicatessen Delinski". The spectre of the Fremdscham, which may also materialise itself in season two of "The Discounters" in often painfully funny episodes around the staff of a run-down supermarket. Produced by Christian Ulmen ("jerks."), who is considered pain-free in these matters, and his Pyjama Pictures, store manager Thorsten (Marc Hosemann) and his team also appear before the cameras in season two to
give insights into an everyday life that we would rather not have had. Supported by, among others, Kida Khodr Ramadan and Frederick Lau, who may continue the tradition of celebrity guest appearances in the second season of this surprise smash hit.

Limited Tickets for fans of the show - The ticket holders are invited to opening ceremony and the following world premiere  of "Die Discounter" Season 2. The event includes the reception and the award show as part of the opening ceremony. Thereafter the premiere will start which includes three episodes of the show and a Q&A with the cast and crew.

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Die Discounter

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Oskar Belton, Emil Belton, Bruno Alexander


Oskar Belton, Emil Belton, Bruno Alexander


Marc Hosemann, Nura Habib Omer, Bruno Alexander, Klara Lange, Ludger Bökelmann, Marie Bloching


Pyjama Pictures