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SERIENCAMP FESTIVAL is moving: Germany's biggest series festival will take place in Cologne Ehrenfeld at the Cinenova Cinema from 13th to 17th June 2023. This year SERIENCAMP FESTIVAL will once again show a wide selection of international series, including numerous German and world premieres, and will thus bring together creators and thousands of series fans in Cologne.


Festival Program 2023

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As if Aleksei German, Andrei Tarkovsky and David Lynch had made common thing: In the dark and surreal Kazakh (!!) series "1286" only the dreams are in color. 

Smoking dark men, dusty streets, men's bodies wrapped in carpets: Right from the ...

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What began with "Yellowstone", has long expanded thanks to creator Taylor Sheridan to the narratively dense series universe including spinoffs. After   "1883" he leaves with "1923" and impressive star cast now already the second prequel to ...


Zwei Freundinnen, zwei unterschiedliche Wege, ein gemeinsamer Sommer in einer finnischen Kleinstadt: Minna und Aino wohnen
nach zwei Jahren getrennter Wege wieder auf engstem Raum zusammen. Einen Kick beziehen Sie durch Stippvisiten in fremder ...


"Appetite" deals with the disappearance of a food delivery cyclist in Australia and becomes a wacky genre hybrid. We must warn you: it will be funny.

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Premier: June 17th - 6:30pm

Kopie von arcadia-19 ©jonnydepony

The dystopian society of the future is structured according to a “citizen score”: In the Dutch-Belgian-German co-production, a family experiences in the supposedly paradise-like Arcadia a not so brave new world.

While in our present weal and ...


Two teenagers are to spend a few days with their estranged grandparents in the countryside, but discover that Grandmother is possessed by Arkhan, a demon who feeds on people's fears and souls.

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Premier: June ...


Two twenty-somethings in the Barcelona of the present reflect themselves - and let us participate in a life between excess, self-overestimation and possibly even self-discovery - somewhere between "Fleabag" and "Girls" and as authentically as ...


Organ trafficking, earthquakes and the darkness of the human soul: In the stylishly disturbing thriller highlight “Bargain”, all of these elements come together to create a cohesive Korean cinematic universe.

Early since Park Chan Wook's ...

Beist 2_Photo credits_ Anton Østerlund_NRK

Only a small percentage make it from talented youth player to professional footballer. Young Elias gets the unique opportunity and is soon at risk of being torn apart between hope, fear of failure and moral boundaries.

Last year it was the Danish ...

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A young woman caught between two worlds: Coproduced by arte, ZDF and Netflix, this “Country Queen” demonstrates how TV series production in a globalized world can become tangible structural development aid.

Early young Akisa (Melissa ...

Der Greif - 106

Based on the classic novel by Wolfgang Hohlbein, Amazon Prime sends us back to the 1990s and four teenagers into a dark in- between world. Probably the biggest German fantasy project since “The Neverending Story”.

In other places, this might ...


When you consider how manageable the budgets and prominence of those involved in the digital short-form sector usually are, then you almost have to consider the supposedly "smaller" series siblings to be the greater art form . Their great ...

Kopie von Dome_16_Ep 5_Still_15_Copyright_Tordenfilm_Daniel_Voldheim

Romeo and Juliet after the Climate Catastrophe: In the near future of „The Dome”, Anton and Emma live in Worlds that couldn’t be more different. And yet, they still want to come together.

Thomas Seeberg Torjussen is an old series camp ...

(L to R) Paula Schwartau and Benedikt Bösel in Farm Rebellion.

Perhaps the future of agriculture lies in Brandenburg. With the Doris Dörrie inspired documentary on climate change and innovative land use, Disney+ presents yet another German Original.

After "Sam - Ein Sachse" it goes for Disney in terms of ...


The future on the serial screens looks bleak: The environment is destroyed, a supposedly good life is only possible in hermetically sealed zones for a select elite. Does this have to be the future? And can these narratives persuade us to prevent ...

GB - PRIMARY IMAGE_ Photo by Patrick William Smith _ Copyright Groundbreaking Ireland, LLC

In "Groundbreaking," actress Natalie Cutler plays an archaeologist bored with her job somewhere in the traditions of "The Office," "Fleabag" and "Indiana Jones." Part of the cast is Irishman Steven He, who is a worldwide viral phenomenon with 16 ...


From the small short-form sensation to the absolutely contemporary and great historical event: Three years after the SERIENCAMP premiere, "Haus Kummerveldt" goes into extension for arte.

Whether in the cinema with "Corsage" or serially in ...


The Coup-Rapper Boots Riley follows in the footsteps of Donald Glover and Michel Gondry: “I’m A Virgo” is an enchantingly surreal, warm-hearted and uproariously funny comingof-age story.

Cootie grows up sheltered in an ...

Paul Watson on Killed Whale

They are the exact opposite of the “Planet Killers”: For the high-end-docuseries “Inside Greenpeace”, the filmmakers follow the footsteps of Greenpeace activists.

It is not easy as a fighter for the environment: just courted by the ...


Two years ago, Alice Gruia and her one-womanshow “Lu von Loser” won prestigious nominations and were among Germany’s biggest surprises in contemporary TV. Now, Lu is back. No longer pregnant, but struggling single mom.

The one and the ...

Lucky Hank - Season 1

Better call Bob: After more than a decade in Albuquerque and an extremely bendy law career, “Breaking Bad” star Bob Odenkirk finds himself at an underfunded Rust Belt college and in the midst of a midlife crisis.

"Better Call Saul" and with ...


A modern-day West Side Story in the heart of a Marseilles housing estate, where clashes are made with Tik Tok choreography and basket competitions.

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Premier: June 15th; 9:45 pm


14-year-old Martine falls madly in love with her optician and begins to see life through her glasses with new eyes. A surreal experience - also for the viewer.

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Premier: June 15th; 9:45 pm


"Marvin?" is about a Dutch LGBTQ couple in Amsterdam. Between drugs, queer lifestyle and economic hardships, the series confronts us with a refrigerator that can fulfill wishes.

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Premier: June 17th - 6:30pm


The consequences of the military coup in Argentina, during which more than 500 babies and children were relocated and deprived of their identity, extend from 1976 to this day. The short form series, shown here in its entirety, focuses on a total ...


Stranger things can happen in Mallorca as well: With a four-part mystery series, Spain once again proves to be a European stronghold for atmospheric horror

For Bel and her brother Pere, the summer camp in the Tramunata Mountains of Mallorca ...


In a Danish provincial town, masculinity is still given the highest priority. Especially before the start of the higher school career, it therefore goes once again on a real men's trip. But here, of all places, outsider Lau meets another boy - ...


For the third time, four German critics and series experts will present the CRITICS¢ CHOICE AWARD. It goes to one of the six series pre-selected by SERIENCAMP from the programand will be negotiated and awarded live in front of the audience on ...

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Pilot Season at the series camp: In the Pilot Peek we present you three unusual series pilots that we particularly liked. The agony of choice of the Pilot Peek Award winner, however, we leave to you! 

It does not always have to be HBO, Disney ...


Their offenses against nature are crimes against humanity: With Interpol’s units for environmental crime, “Planet Killers” seeks to track down the world’s most wanted environmental criminals.

They are the Ed Geins and Jeffrey Dahmers in ...


Live Podcast with Arne Orgassa and Andreas Dohm

Arne Orgassa is a journalist and podcast host of "Simply Marvel". For over ten years he has worked as a strategic designer, project manager and journalist. During a professional sabbatical in the ...


Directly after the screening, there will be the opportunity to attend the extensive Q&A session about the adaptation of Wolfgang Hohlbein's fantasy classic.

Emily Thomey and Jörn Behr bring out Wolfgang Hohlbein, Erol Yesilkaya and Jeremias ...


SEHR SEHR SERIEN Live - Artificial Intelligence in Series

What's going on there? First the Seriencamp podcast goes underground for a few weeks - ashes on our heads - and now the guys are suddenly back? Looks like it! What's it all about?
The ...


The big series talk - the podcast to join in!

The first half of 2023 is over and it's high time for a series round-up: Between Writers Strike, Netflix password crackdown and seemingly dwindling streaming euphoria, there are plenty of hot topics ...


Ren Kühn is a presenter, speaker and video creator. He started with SerienFlash 2015 his first own YouTube channel, on which he reports since then regularly about the most important news, tips & reboots from the series world . In addition to ...

Kopie von ©Motlys_Erika Hebbert 2022 high res_1b

Political power play between yesterday and tomorrow: With brilliant stylistic devices, the prestige production tells the story of the rise of the first Nowegian prime minister – and of the flaws of modern politics.

"Based on truth, lies and ...

Rain Dogs

We Are Family: A devoted single mother, her privileged gay soulmate and her precocious daughter struggle to find a better life in a system that’s built against them.

That life on the social fringes of Great Britain is not easy, we know from ...

Kopie von MaxEmanuelson_1034__MAX3586

Fridays For Future I’m In Love: Modern day Romeo & Juliet find themselves on different sides of the climate movement and must fight for a common future.

No feuding families, no rival gangs, and yet on two different sides, facing each other ...


Miss Salinger’s Sense of Snow: In search of her missing daughter, a desperate mother uncovers dark secrets in a Tyrolean mountain village.

Together with her husband Matthi (Robert Stadlober) and their shared daughter, doctor Lucia ...


Two sisters and the consequences of their (early) careers: With “Selftape”, two popular Spanish actresses dare to take a fictionalized look at themselves.

It was a good ten years ago that Joana and Mireia Vilapuig were able to celebrate ...


It sizzles, steams and bubbles when the series chefs from "The Bear," "Servant" or "Hannibal" let us look into their pots and onto their plates. Not just since the hit series "The Bear," about a chef who trades the star kitchen for a family snack bar in Chicago, have some series made our mouths water while we simultaneously experience the hectic everyday life in the professional kitchen.


The book club "Girls who read." invites you (all of you, not just girls!) to the screening of the ZDFneo series "The Shadow", based on the psychological thriller of the same name by Melanie Raabe. Afterwards, you can join the book club of "Girls who read." you can discuss the series adaptation, her book and literary adaptations in general with the author Melanie Raabe.

Kopie von Significant Other - Landscape

Can two opposing and traumatized individuals find happiness together? Based on an original Series from Israel, British dramedy “Significant Other” dares to bet against the odds.

Who, if not the English, could better bring together what does ...

Sous Contrôle

Here, nothing is under control: After switching to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a former NGO director is confronted with a hostage situation and the realities of politics.

In politics it is usually so: If it would not be so damn sad, one ...


Back to the future: After the end of “Picard”, it’s now the 2nd time with Captain Christopher Pike in the early days of Federal Space Exploration. Beam us up!

Unlike, for example, at DC (or in the failed Monster Universe from ...

Kopie von IMG_7642

Two unemployed actors turn the world into their stage and become pawns for a mysterious organisation: The gripping Iranian (!!) series “The Actor” turns out to be a small sensation.

That Iranian filmmakers regularly return home with the main ...

The Idol

Between “Euphoria” and voyeurism: Sam Levinson and pop star The Weeknd take us on a journey into the exploitative depths of modern pop culture between sex sells and provocation.

The heated discussions of the past months make one thing ...


Dark mystery in the style of Sebastian Fitzek: Based on the bestseller by thriller author Melanie Raabe, a young journalist in present-day Vienna must confront the dark shadows of her past and possible future.

That is exactly why one should ...


“Poldark” on the wrong tracks: As a clinical psychologist with a dark side, Aidan Turner soon finds himself under suspicion of murder in the bestselling serial adaptation based on Michael Robotham’s bestseller.

From 2015 to 2022, Ulrich ...

Then You Run

What used to be Interrail is now the escape from unscrupulous gangsters: Instead of a short holiday in Rotterdam, four London teenagers find themselves on the run through Europe – with several kilos of Heroin in their luggage.

This is what ...

Kopie von Unsilenced_Credit Zahi Zelniker

Power and (sexual) abuse in the highest political circles of Israel. Based on a true story und told from different perspectives, “Unsilenced” turns #metoo into a political precedent.

Compared to the (true) story behind "Unsilenced" the ...

Kopie von 02_La_Terre_et_le_Travail_3

A word that unites idea, place and movement, a series that gives this word additional meaning: In “Utopias?” documentary filmmaker Henri Poulain offers storytelling as the driving force of human change and hope.

If you want to .change the ...


Coming-of-age and building a hip hop career in Mexico: In the musical drama, things are getting “Vgly” not only during the musical competition, but also in the struggle for survival .

Already last year, music series in general and hip hop in ...


Western-prequel without demonic presence: For “Walker, Independence”, “Supernatural”-Star Jared Padalecki relies on female power and the “Yellowstone”-Effect.

It has now brought the reboot of the Chuck Norris classic "Walker: Texas ...


Sex sells - this is especially true on the newer social platforms, through which fast money can beckon for many "digital" sex workers. "Watch Me" follows various characters as they try to reconcile sex business and private life while exploring ...

Kopie von You-and-Me-main

More Rom-Tragedy than -Comedy, but definitely a bittersweet heartbreaker: With “You &Me” the Brits once again show that they still excel at capturing the ups and downs of love and life.

Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love with girl. Girl falls ...