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Pilot peek


„Pilot peek“ ran 2023 in the festival cinema program.

Pilot Season at the series camp: In the Pilot Peek we present you three unusual series pilots that we particularly liked. The agony of choice of the Pilot Peek Award winner, however, we leave to you! 

It does not always have to be HBO, Disney or Netflix, sometimes a few good ideas, unused performers and 16 million followers to have an impact are enough. Of the many series we ve seen during the selection process, "Appetite", "Marvin" and "Groundbreaking" have made us smile especially often. And that despite low production costs, short running time and largely unknown actors. Okay: The Irishman Steven He "could" be known. With 16 million followers and his YouTube format "Emotional Damage", he is a worldwide viral phenomenon. And part of the cast around Natalie Cutler, who in "Groundbreaking" as an arch.ologin bored with her job, lands somewhere between "The Office," "Fleabag" and "Indiana Jones." It's a different story for the LGBTQ P.rchen in the Dutch  "Marvin?". Between drugs, queer lifestyle and economic hardships in Amsterdam the series confronts us with a refrigerator that can grant wishes. "Appetite" finally deals with the disappearance of a courier driver in Australia and becomes a wacky genre hybrid. We warned you: it will be fun, but the choice will be anything but easy...

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