Serial Cooking - The Culinary World of Series


„Serial Cooking - The Culinary World of Series“ ran 2023 in the festival cinema program.

It sizzles, steams and bubbles when the series chefs from "The Bear," "Servant" or "Hannibal" let us look into their pots and onto their plates. Not only since the hit series "The Bear" about a chef who trades the star kitchen for a family snack bar in Chicago, some series just make our mouths water while we simultaneously witness the hectic everyday life in the professional kitchen.

In a culinary series show we talk with food stylist Daniel Brodt about how food is staged in series and what food can tell us. Plus you can find out if the dishes in series are edible, who cooks them, and how much actors really have to consume of them while filming.

Presented by 

Daniel Brodt (Food Stylist)

Daniel Brodt is a trained show designer and has worked in film set up for over 15 years. As a food and prop stylist he works predominantly in film and photography.

The Tickets for Fri., 16.06.2023 / 19:30 - 20:20
Cinenova / Theatre 2

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