Friedemann Karig:"Erwärmende Affen. Warum wir die Klimakrise falsch erzählen."


„Friedemann Karig:"Erwärmende Affen. Warum wir die Klimakrise falsch erzählen."“ ran 2023 in the festival cinema program.

The future on the serial screens looks bleak: The environment is destroyed, a supposedly good life is only possible in hermetically sealed zones for a select elite. Does this have to be the future? And can these narratives persuade us to prevent this vision from becoming reality?

On June 14, at our theme night  "Transforming Storytelling," you will have the opportunity to trace in gripping documentary series such as "Farm Rebellion" or "Utopias" and in fictionalized material such as "The Dome,"  how series tell of the climate catastrophe. International series creators and documentary filmmakers will talk in Q&As following their series about their vision of the future, why certain narrative patterns repeat themselves in near-future stories and what they want to achieve with the audience. For a better classification we re looking forward to an impulse lecture by Friedemann Karig. For the theme evening, the author and journalist will take the audience on a journey through the history of storytelling and show examples of how current films and series tell of the climate crisis - and what would have to change for us to finally take action.

Wed, 14.06.23 / 20:40 - 21:40
Cinenova / Theatre 2

Q&A after the TALK

-free entrance to the event