Podcast: Sehr Sehr Serien Live


„Podcast: Sehr Sehr Serien Live“ ran 2023 in the festival cinema program.

SEHR SEHR SERIEN Live - Artificial Intelligence in Series

What's going on there? First the Seriencamp podcast goes underground for a few weeks - ashes on our heads - and now the guys are suddenly back? Looks like it! What's it all about?
The topic of the hour: ChatGPT, Midjourney and the like are on everyone's lips - what about the series sector?
Damon Lindeloff has written his new series MRS. DAVIS not only about an AI, but also with one. At the same time, the striking images of Alex Garland's DEVS remain in our minds. We ask afterwards: How are AIs portrayed in film and series? And what does that do to our image of artificial intelligence? Questions about questions that we will clarify live with our talk guests ChatGPT and Bard, among others!

Thu, 15.06.23 / 20:30 - 21:30
Cinenova / Theatre 2