Seriencamp Festival, Germany's largest TV series festival, takes place from 5th to 8th of June 2024 at Cinenova Cinema in Cologne Ehrenfeld. SERIENCAMP FESTIVAL showcases a wide selection of international series, including numerous world premieres, bringing together creators and thousands of TV series fans in Cologne.


Festival Program 2024

30 Tage Lust

How much lust can love take? Freddy and Zeno break out of their everyday relationship in this humorous new adult drama.

autodefensa2 (1)

The no-budget hit that rocked Spain: two young women explore their emotional, sexual and moral boundaries with a wink.

Donna (Lia von Blarer ) und Care_Ina (Malene Becker) im Lichtrah

How social are social media? To defend herself against a pick-up artist, his victim Donna rises to become the icon of a new web feminism - and her rival's fiercest competition.

Boarders S01 First Look (c) Studio Lambert & All3Media International (1)

Race and class in the United Kingdom: A prestigious English private school opens its doors to five black teenagers from the public school system.

concordia1 (2)

Brave New World: An AI-controlled model city is supposed to set a precedent, but a murder throws it into question.


For the fourth time, German critics and series experts will award the prize for the best series they have chosen from the SERIENCAMP 2024 program. What's more, their verdict will not be decided in a quiet chamber, but on the SERIENCAMP stage in front of you, the audience!


Coming-of-age drama about love in digital times: When her online boyfriend makes out with a stranger, Ida goes in search of “real” love.


Surreal, quirky comedy from Spain: After years as an assistant to a famous artist, young Ana literally begins to disappear. Time to face the outside world.


Innovative, experimental and as short as they are crisp - all the nominated series in the Digital Short Form section can be discovered here in one go. Always good for a surprise!

Dummedag Ep 2_1 300

The Walking Dumb? A pandemic of idiocy is ravaging large parts of humanity. A small number of survivors represent humanity's last hope for a remnant of intelligence.


A young photographer tries to solve the death of her friend and finds more answers than she bargained for in this Australian thriller series.

Ich bin Dagobert

The incredible but true story of legendary blackmailer "Scrooge", who kept department stores and the German public in suspense in the early 1990s.

Kleo Season 2

Revenge is sweet, and so is ex-Stasi-killer Kleo, who is continuing her search for answers in this explosive second season of the Netflix hit series.

Le Monde N'existe Pas

In his search for the truth in a murder case, a journalist is confronted not only with his past, but also with the darker side of his own psyche.


On the way to adopting a child, a homosexual couple must come to terms with their families and their respective expectations of parenthood.


Message to the past: when Markus gets the opportunity to contact his younger self, he changes his life. More than just once.

NextGen Media Day (1)

You are passionate about film and TV and want to pursue this passion professionally, but you're not yet familiar with the industry and its various career opportunities? We introduce young people in particular to the industry and its various fields of work!


Let go of the pain! In this charming Swedish dramedy, a dysfunctional mother-daughter relationship is our ticket to today's hilarious cabinet of absurdities.


Whoever wins, we lose: A historic clash between man and machine becomes a beacon for the triumph of artificial intelligence.


With its sixth Star Wars live action series Disney invites you back to the time of the High Republic, in which light and dark prepare for "The Phantom Menace".


The hunt for one of its most notorious serial killers and the man who caught him are front and center in this impressive Czech prestige project.

0- This is not Sweden - Kiku Piñol

Modern parenting is a huge challenge - especially when you're trying to raise a child in perfect conditions. This is also the case for Mariana and Samuel, whose educational visions quickly reach their limits in a suburb of Barcelona.


Social unrest and musical awakening: "This Town" relives Birmingham's and Coventry's early eighties in the rhythm of ska music.

Comedy Special Rahmen

No kidding: Germans are funny, too! Triple proof can be found in our ZDFneo comedy sneak peek.


Everything you always wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask: Three Spanish girls take their sexual liberation in their own hands: By founding a club of tramps.