Sat, 08.06.24 / 14:30 - 16:10
Cinenova / Theatre 1
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Cleaner Dijana, who once came to Sweden from the Balkans, suffers from chronic pain syndrome, which in turn makes her difficult for artist's daughter Andrea to bear. Especially as the two of them live together. To help her, she makes her mother the subject of her next art project. Just like series creator Pilcher, who incorporated her experience with her own mother's fybromyalgia into the series. Having previously worked on "Eat. Sleep. Die" had already won the audience award at the Venice Film Festival, the length of the feature film was no longer sufficient for this humorous and authentic portrait of a mother and daughter relationship in the ever-present class struggle. Pilcher's "Painkiller", which has little to do with the American opioid crisis and the resulting series apart from the drugs that give it its title, runs to a total of six parts. But it does have something to do with pain. And with the Scandinavians' particularly laconic view of the Absurdistan of the present day.

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