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Sat, 08.06.24 / 18:15 - 20:00
Cinenova / Theatre 3
The SERIENCAMP FESTIVAL is free of charge if you pick up a ticket on site during the festival.
For online reservations we unfortunately have to charge a fee of 2,55€ per reservation.

At some point, young Ana gets tired of it. She no longer wants to have to answer the same old questions about the secret identity of the world-famous artist Bassil. And she no longer wants to be part of an art machine in which she herself is just a well-functioning cog. How does Ana realize this? She literally begins to vanish into thin air - starting with her toes. So she decides to leave her art bubble and face her fears, her fellow human beings and a world to which she has so far lacked any connection. Both as an artist and as a woman. The start of a surreal and comical journey of self-discovery in which series creator Álvaro Carmona provides answers to the big questions about art, identity, family and self-realization.


Critics’ Choice Award

Transmitter (Germany)

Noch ohne dt. Ausstrahlungstermin



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