Le Monde N'existe Pas

Le Monde N'Existe Pas


Sat, 08.06.24 / 20:20 - 21:55
Cinenova / Theatre 3
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The return to home turf is prototypical of a large number of recent crime dramas that confront their protagonists with their old homeland and their past alongside a crime. This is also the case in the slightly surrealistic French crime drama "Le Monde N'existe Pas" ("The World Does Not Exist"), which is based on a bestseller by Fabrice Humbert and can rely on an outstanding Niels Schneider in the lead role. He plays a journalist who returns to the town of his childhood to investigate the disappearance of an old childhood friend. He is accused of killing a young girl, but enjoys the full trust of our reporter. His search for the truth confronts us not only with complex characters, but also with dark psychological abysses.

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