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Fri, 07.06.24 / 18:45 - 21:00
Cinenova / Theatre 3
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Two young women push themselves to their limits - and beyond. And they let the audience take part in their innovative serial taboo-breaking. "Autodefensa", which already enjoyed success as "Selftape" at last year's series camp, is an unsparingly honest portrait of an entire generation. This is embodied by the two main actresses, characters and authors, whose real lives as actresses were at least to some extent suitable for the autobiographical foundation of the Catalan indie hit. Similarly non-conformist as "Fleabag", the series oscillates between identity construction on the one hand and the exploration of gender roles, sex and mental health on the other. And introduces us to a Barcelona of dazzling characters that is much more than a European copy of "Sex and the City". An extraordinarily courageous series, in fact, which last year anticipated what is one of the main themes of this year's festival as "Sex in Series".



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