Donna (Lia von Blarer ) und Care_Ina (Malene Becker) im Lichtrah

Bad Influencer


Fri, 07.06.24 / 19:00 - 21:15
Cinenova / Theatre 2
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One minute she had to endure the overly "virile" orgasm of her bed playmate, the next Donna finds herself in the spotlight of social media attention: pick-up artist Pascal has used her to increase his follower numbers with another sex adventure and posted the result online.

But not without Donna's courageous kick to his privates going viral. As a supposed hardcore feminist, her followers are now literally flying to her. Which culminates in a potentially fatal bet with her counterpart: She wants to overtake him in terms of popularity in just one month. Plenty of time for the German adaptation of a Dutch series original to plunge into the satirical depths of modern attention and social media machinery.

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