This Town


Thu, 06.06.24 / 18:45 - 20:55
Cinenova / Theatre 3
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Series creator Steven Knight wants "This Town" to be seen as a kind of love letter to Coventry and Birmingham. But soft words are not the "Peaky Blinders" creator's thing: "This Town" throws us right into the middle of the socially turbulent times of the Thatcher era, in which discontent was often articulated with violence - but also with a style of music that originated here in the late seventies and early eighties: ska and 2-Tone. At the center of this large-scale family story, which in no way shies away from thriller elements, are several young people who try to find their way into adult life - sometimes with music, sometimes with violence. And the emergence of a band that, like famous role models (The Specials, The Selecter), will leave its mark on an era (and a style of music).


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