Sat, 08.06.24 / 17:45 - 19:50
Cinenova / Theatre 2
The SERIENCAMP FESTIVAL is free of charge if you pick up a ticket on site during the festival.
For online reservations we unfortunately have to charge a fee of 2,55€ per reservation.

For around 20 years, Markus has mainly been known as a meme. A loser who completely ruined his band's performance at a Swiss casting show thanks to a tranquilizer. On his 40th birthday, of all days, he gets the chance to turn his messed-up life around. Thanks to a way of contacting his younger self by text message to warn him against taking the pill. The consequences - as Butterfly Effect specialists will know - are far-reaching and very long-lasting: as Markus tries to sort out the chaos he has created, he ends up in ever new realities. For the first time, the Swiss production team has also used artificial intelligence to create these new realities (especially when it comes to ageing processes). Schwyz-Fi, so to speak!


Critics’ Choice Award

Transmitter (Germany)

Noch ohne deutschen Ausstrahlungstermin



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