Save the Planet - Climate TV-Series

When near-fi and cli-fi become reality series creators have to ask themselves: can we use the narrative of series to make people think differently?

The future on serial screens looks bleak: The environment is destroyed, a supposedly good life is only possible in hermetically sealed zones for a select elite. Does this have to be the future? And can these narratives persuade us to prevent this vision from becoming reality?

On June 14, at our "Transforming Storytelling" theme day, you will have the opportunity to trace how series tell stories about the climate catastrophe in gripping documentary series and fictional material. International
series creators and documentary filmmakers will talk in Q&As following their series about their visions of the future and why certain narrative patterns are repeated in near-future stories and what they want to achieve with the audience. For a better classification, we are looking forward to a impulse lecture by Friedemann Karig. For the themed evening, the writer and journalist will take the audience on a journey through the history of storytelling, using examples to show how current films and series tell stories about the climate crisis - and what would have to change for us to finally take action.

Get ready for these films at the Seriencamp Festival 2023 on June 14th - our theme day Transforming Storytelling.

Farm Rebellion (D, 2022)

Runs: Mi, 14.06.23 / 18:10 - 19:50 Cinema 1
Where: Disney+
Who: Doris Dörrie, Martin Tischner (creators), Pauline Roenneberg, Martin Tischner, Christian Cull (directors)
What: Perhaps the future of agriculture lies in Brandenburg: with this Doris Dörrie-inspired documentary about climate change and innovative land use concepts, Disney+ presents another German original.
Why: Because the mix of Doris Dörrie and documentary sounds pretty promising and we need inspiring documentations between all the-world-is-ending series.

Country Queen (KEN, 2022)

Runs: Mi., 06/14/2013 / 18:00 - 19:50 Cinema 2
Where: Arte, Netflix
Who: Wanjeri Gakuru, Lydia Matata, Oprah Oyugi, Kimani Waweru (creators), Carla Böhler, Vincent Mbaya (directors), Melissa Kiplagat, Melvin Alusa (cast)
What: A young woman between two worlds: Co-produced by ZDF/Arte and Netflix, the Kenyan series shows how series production can become tangible structural development aid in a globalized world
Why: There has never been a Kenyan series at series camp before and we are very excited to see a series that is not about a country in transition, but from within the country itself.

Inside Greenpeace - What does it take to save the world? (D, 2022)

Runs: May, 14.06.23 / 18:10 - 19:50 Hall 1
Where: Sky/WOW
Who: Florian Nöthe, Jan Klophaus, Valentin Thurn, Florian Schneider (creators) David Herman, Florian Nöthe, Max Rainer, Valentin Thurn, Florian Schneider (directors) David Herman, Anne Bürger, Max Rainer, Valentin Thurn, Michael Gantenberg (authors)
What: They are the exact opposite of the Planet Killers that another program highlight traces: for the high-end docu-series Inside Greenpeace the filmmakers track on the heels of Greenpeace activists.
Because anyone can claim from home to stand up for the environment, but real activism sometimes means putting oneself at risk for the greater cause and breaking rules.

Planet Killers (F, 2022)

Runs: Mi., 06/14/2013 / 18:00 - 18:48 Cinema 3
Where: Still without German broadcaster, France 5 (original)
Who: Martin Boudot (creator, director)
What: Their offenses against nature are crimes against humanity: with Interpol's environmental crime units, Planet Killers attempts to track down the world's most wanted environmental criminals.
Why: Because Martin Boudot goes to his limits as a reconnaissance pioneer against environmental criminals, even putting himself in danger. Read the interview with Martin Boudot about his work on Planet Killers here. 

Saving The Fucking Planet (NOR, 2022)

Runs: Mi., 06/14/2013 / 21:50 - 23:35 Cinema 3
Where: Without a German broadcaster, NRK (original)
Who: Karina Lystaduniz (creator), Rebecca Wirkola Kjellmann (director), Sigurd Lakseide, Aili K. Eira (cast)
What: Fridays For Future I'm In Love. Two newlyweds find themselves on opposite sides of the climate movement and must fight for a common future.
Is there actually an opposing side in the fight for climate justice and isn't the future the same for all of us? That's the question the protagonists of Saving The Fucking Planet face and it's a valid one.

The Dome (NOR, 2022)

Runs: Thurs, 06/15/2013 / 20:40 - 22:10 Cinema 1
Where: Without a German broadcaster, NRK (original)
Who: Thomas Seeberg Torjussen (creator), Thomas Seeberg Torjussen, Daniel Voldheim (director), Johannes Blumenthal, Flo Fagerli (cast)
What: Romeo and Juliet after climate catastrophe: In the near future of "Dome 16" Anton and Emma live in worlds that could not be more different. And still want to come together...
Why: Class society with devastating consequences for life expectancy in the midst of climate catastrophe. Two lives on opposite sides of the climate catastrophe that still somehow want to come together.

Utopias? (F, 2022)

Runs: Mi., 06/14/2013 / 19:15 - 20:07 Cinema 3
Where: Without a German broadcaster, France TV (original)
Who: Lauren Boudard, Julien Goetz, Sylvain Lapoix, Henri Poulain (authors), Henri Poulain (director)
What: A word that unites idea, place and movement, a series that gives this word additional meaning: In Utopias? documentary filmmaker Henri Poulain makes storytelling the driving force of human mutability and hope.
Why: With Utopias? Henri Poulain tries to show us that the stories of tomorrow are already being written.

Schnee (AUT, 2023)

Runs: Wed., 14.06.23 / 22:00 - 23:10 Cinema 2
Wo: ARD, ORF (original)
Wer: Michaela Taschek (creators), Michaela Taschek, Kathrin Richter, Jürgen Schlagenhof (authors), Brigitte Hobmeier, Robert Stadlober, Stipe Erceg (cast)
Was: Miss Salinger's Sense of Snow: In search of her missing daughter, a desperate mother uncovers dark secrets in a Tyrolean mountain village.
Warum:Nature knows how to defend itself and dark secrets in a Tyrolean mountain village named "Rotten" sound extremely promising.

Missing (ARG, 2022)

Runs: Wed., 14.06.23 / 20:30 - 21:18 Cinema 3
Wo: Without a German broadcaster, UN3 (original)
Wer: Mariano Pozzi, Augustín Muniz (authors), Mariano Pozzi (director) Mara Bestelli, Romina Escobar, Rita Terranova (cast)
Was:The consequences of the military coup in Argentina, during which more than 500 babies and children were relocated and deprived of their identity, extend from 1976 to this day. The short form series, shown here in its entirety, focuses on a total of eight individual fates.
Warum:The stories of dictatorship told through the eyes of those who have survived it.