Seriencamp Awards - These are the winners!

We present you the winners of the OFFICIAL COMPETITION and the DIGITAL SHORT FORM Awards.

We have a winner! Or rather, two!

The winners of the Official Competition and the Digital Short Form Awards have been announced: At the festive opening of the Series Camp Festival 2021 on Wednesday, November 10, our two juries announced this year's winning series from the respective competitions.

The winner of the Official Competition 2021 is Thunder In My Heart

The jury, consisting of Ayla Gottschlich, Aysel Yilmaz and Ben Münchow, explained their decision:

"The series touched us emotionally in a deep and humorous way. Seeing the everyday life of a young woman so consistently from a female perspective is something we still see very rarely and wish we saw much more of! It is the world of a teenage girl with all the strong emotions and disappointments that we all know and empathize with. And since we're all much OLD than our heroine, we know the longings and disappointments are still the same.

For that reason, we feel it's not just a coming-of-age story, but a universal story for all ages. All the relationships this series opens up - be it friendship, unrequited love, family problems, disappointments - the series tells it in such a fresh, loving, emotional and universal way - that you can't help but love it, because you root for Sigrid - you're happy for her when she's doing well, or you grieve with her when she's doing badly. 

Also, the series is so well laid out visually and acting-wise that the decision was pretty easy for us - and that we all immediately agreed that Thunder in my Heart is clearly our favorite. Congratulations to the entire team, and especially to the wonderful Amy Deasismont, on this great series!"

On the acceptance speech by THUNDER IN MY HEART series creator Amy Deasismont

In addition, the jury awarded an honorable mention to the  Colombian series Vida De Colores.

You can still watch the first episodes of Thunder in My Heart and Stream Vida De Colores for free in the Seriencamp Watchroom!

The winning series of the Digital Short Form Competition 2021 was also crowned on Wednesday night

Winning was the Argentinian series Tony!

The jury, consisting of Ipek Zübert, Soma Pysall and Philipp Schall about their decision:

"The humorous handling of relevant topics like unwanted pregnancy, abortion and LGBTQIA+ realities of life in a conservative society succeeds playfully here. The series immediately draws you in - mainly thanks to the main character Victoria, played by an excellent Malena Filmus, but also the many, lovingly drawn supporting characters. With Tony, viewers are immersed in a strange world without ever losing their bearings, always at the side of the young protagonist Victoria. The pull that the series develops, the play, the humor, the themes - a series that entertains at the highest level and makes you want more."

Also here, in addition to the winning series, there was an honorable mention  - for Fragrance of the First Flower.

Until November 28, you can watch Tony and Fragrance Of The First Flower stream for free in the Series Camp Watchroom! 

Congratulations to the winners* and a big thank you to both of our judges!

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