Die Nominierten der Digital Short Form Competition

Seriencamp Awards - Digital Short Form Award

Every year we present two jury awards during the festival: One of them is the DIGITAL SHORT FORM Award for the best short format series of the year. We introduce the jury and give an overview of the nominated series.

The Seriencamp honors the best series in short format

For the Digital Short Form Award, our program team selected the most exciting eight web series and short format series of the year. A jury of three experts with a strong connection to web and online formats will select the best production of the year.

May we introduce? Our jury for the Digital Short Form Award 2021:


Ipek Zübert

After her first experiences as a young actress, Ipek Zübert switched to PR and marketing, later she was responsible as the head of a cinema film distribution company. Since 2010 Ipek Zübert has been working as a screenwriter and has contributed to series such as BRUDER - Schwarze Macht, Dogs of Berlin and Die Welle. With Christian Zübert, Ipek Zübert developed the feature films EIN ATEM and DREIVIERTELMOND. In 2020, the series THE MOPES, created and written by Ipek Zübert, starring Nora Tschirner as Depression Monika, was filmed and aired on TNTComedy in 2021.

Philipp Schall

Philipp Schall is managing director of TELLUX Next GmbH. The internationally experienced film producer additionally operates game development with screenwriters* and interdisciplinary creatives as well as the interactive applications and experiences in virtual reality. From the beginning, he was fascinated by being able to control all stages of project development from the first idea of a material to the completion of the film as a creative producer.

Soma Pysall

The Berlin native started her acting career with a leading role in the international youth series In Your Dreams. Her passion for filmmaking drove Soma Pysall early on to also work behind the camera, especially in the field of assistant directing. She attracted attention in 2020 with her role as a traumatized police student and murderer in the ARD Tatort Borowski und der Fluch der weißen Möwe. In 2021, she received the New Faces Award for Best Young Actress for her acting performance in the German Television Award-winning series, Para-Wir sind King

We will announce the winning series on Wednesday, November 10 at our grand opening at the Arri- cinema. And of course on Social Media.

Stay tuned!

Also curious about which series are in the main competition? We'll tell you in our article on the Official Competition.

And here they are now - the nominees for the Digital Short Form Award:

All In

What is it about?

Two tricksters on the way to a German passport: Really provocative, really funny!


What is it about?

Adolescence is a time of perpetual humiliation. "Looserit" shows that this can be a lucky...


What is it about?

A Spanish film team wants to produce the next hit series, and they're making Ed Wood look like a master director in the process.


What is it about?

Generation gap extreme: Dystopian reality show has kids fighting for golden future.

Felix, Maude and the End of the World

What is it about?

The end of the world promises to be lonely. Until Felix and Maude set out to find an explanation for the disappearance of humanity.

Fragrance of the first Flower

What is it about?

A second chance for lesbian love: a touching LGBTQ+ short-form series from Taiwan.


What is it about?

Road trip of a young Iranian woman who, in search of her father, is also allowed to discover the Iran behind the Western distorted images.


What is it about?

On the trail of the mysterious Tony, the pregnant Victoria dives deep into the queer subcultures of Buenos Aires.