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The Watchroom is online!

The SERIENCAMP FESTIVAL presents outstanding international and national series in the SERIENCAMP WATCHROOM, the free and digital streaming platform. Now available online and nationwide!

In addition to brand new German series such as DIE IBIZA AFFĂ„RE or SUNSHINE EYES, the 2021 program also features American highlights such as the legendary murder doll CHUCKY or CHAPELWAITE by Stephen King. 

In the SERIESCAMP WATCHROOM, however, there's not only brand new series material to discover, but also already familiar crowd-pleasers like multiple Emmy winner SUCCESSION (season 3), as well as the return of serial killer Dexter, whose first episodes of season nine aka DEXTER: NEW BLOOD will air in the second half of SERIENCAMP WATCHROOM time period exclusively. 

Also, winners "TONY" and "THUNDER IN MY HEART" and all nominees for our two awards "DIGITAL SHORT FORM AWARD" and "OFFICIAL COMPETITION" you can watch for free in the SERIENCAMP WATCHROOM

And you have the chance to vote for the audience winner of the "AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD". Just vote directly in the SERIENCAMP WATCHROOM after watching the series.