Die Nominierten der Official Competition

Seriencamp Awards - Official Competition

Every year we present two jury awards during the festival: One of them is the award for the OFFICIAL COMPETITION, in which we choose the best (inter)national series of the year. We introduce the jury and give an overview of the nominated series.

The series camp honors the best (inter)national series of the year

The official competition Official Competition honors the best (inter)national series of the year. Our program team made a pre-selection of six productions and a three-member jury of industry representatives selects the winner.

May we introduce? Our jury for the Official Competition 2021:

Jury of the Official Competition

Ben Münchow

In addition to acting, the multi-talented Ben Münchow is also a successful singer/songwriter. He has appeared in numerous cinema and television productions as a performer and, among other things, received the Max Ophüls Award for Best Young Actor in 2016 for his performance in the feature film Rockabilly Requiem. Most recently, he has attracted attention especially in his series roles in DAS BOOT as well as SPY CITY.

Ayla Gottschlich & Aysel Yilmaz

Production, direction, screenplay: the multi-talented power couple Ayla Gottschlich & Aysel Yilmaz is committed to unusual stories and new perspectives with their projects. Complex characters portrayed with all the humor and tragedy of real life. Her heroines are never reduced to their background or gender. It's about their own strength and unique identity, about staying true to themselves. Such is the case in her latest project - the Disney+ original series Sultan City - a German family gangster dramedy about German-Turkish mother Sultan, who unexpectedly becomes the leader of the criminal underworld.

We'll announce the winning series on Wednesday, November 10 at our grand opening at the Arri Cinema. And of course on Social Media.

Stay tuned!

You're also curious about which series are in our contest for Best Short Format Series? We'll tell you in our article on the Digital Short Form Award.

And here they are now - the nominees of the Official Competition:


What is it about?

Four ex-prostitutes have big plans and are on a collision course with the Russian province.


What is it about?

Something is rotten in the Turkish state: Sensationally contemporary and mythically charged reinterpretation of the Shakespeare play.

Sunshine Eyes

What is it about?

The aftermath of the pandemic shatters the immediate environment of two young sisters in the first Corona Lockdown.

The Last Socialist Artefact

What is it about?

How do you form a small-town community out of the remnants of Yugoslavian-style socialism? This Croatian series pearl shows the way.

Thunder in my Heart

What is it about?

"Sturm und Drang" in Sweden: young adults find their way in life in search of themselves.

Colourful Life

What is it about?

Unusual, colorful and artistic LGBTQ lives from Colombia: a colorful life in the struggle for recognition.