Screenwriters’ Lounge x Seriencamp: Queer Representation in Story Development

Thu, 06.06.24 / 13:45 - 14:30
Cinenova / Theatre 3
Alejandro Mathé, Beverly Stura-Cura, Kai Kreuser, Marcel-Jana Urban, Marlene Melchior

Representation of queer life comes with many aspects - but which ones exactly? How can the reproduction of stereotypical patterns be avoided, and how can the diversity of the queer community be authentically visible in story development?

Beverly Stura-Cura (DDV) and Marcel-Jana Urban (GENDERF***KERS) engage in an open conversation with Marlene Melchior (LOVING HER), Alejandro Mathé (EL MÁRTIR) and Kai Kreuser (KUNTERGRAU) to exchange experiences and perspectives on queer representation in stories and development.

The Screenwriters’ Lounge - an initiative of the German Screenwriters Association (DDV) - is a traveling format that provides venues for panels on current topics, exchanges among writers, and networking at various festivals. A platform for screenwriters and their perspectives.


Mathé, Alejandro


Stura-Cura, Beverly

Screenwriter & Dramaturge

Kai Kreuser

Director & Screenwriter

Marcel-Jana Urban


Melchior, Marlene