Ask Me Anything

Wed, 05.06.24 / 12:00 - 12:45
Cinenova / Theatre 3

You have burning questions for an expert but never the opportunity to ask them? Or are looking for some deeper answers in a special field? The Ask Me Anything-format is the perfect place to find new knowledge. Bringing together experts with deep industry knowledge from co-production, development, commissioning or writing, the Ask Me Anything offers perfect opportunity to broaden your horizon. 

… with Christian Friedrichs (Financing)

Creating series and film is an art form. Financing series and film more so. The details on how to put together the financing puzzle is as essential as having the right talent attached. In the current production landscape, more than ever before. But what are the finder points in creating a sound financing? 

This is your opportunity to ask the expert: Christian Friedrichs, producer at ndF:Hamburg, has extensive expertise in all things co-production and co-financing with deep involvement in acclaimed projects like BAD BANKS. From specific questions for which you can’t just google an answer to those questions where it never seems to be the right time to ask – he knows the answer. 

Caution: This event is pre-registration only!