Advisory Board 2023: Co-Production Pitch

This is our Advisory Board for the Co-Production Pitch 2023!

We are delighted to introduce this year's highly qualified Advisory Board for the Co-Production Pitch 2023. The team of industry experts will support us in selecting the most promising TV-series projects, submitted to our Call for Projects. Eight production companies will be invited to present their project live on stage at SERIENCAMP CONFERENCE to an audience of producers, distributors, investors, and potential partners.

For more information about the pitching program, please see here.

We proudly present our Co-Production Pitch Advisory Board with Ulrike Schröder, Yi Qiao, Jes Brandhøj, and Fleur Winters. 

What are you looking for when reviewing a TV series?

Ulrike Schröder

Telepool GmbH | VP, International Acquisitions & Co-Productions

“When evaluating projects for distribution our focus is on a compelling, tension-building and consistent story. Ideally it is thematically relevant and emotional; one that speaks on multiple levels and has universal motives. Equally important is the full package of story + writer, showrunner, production company and potentially co-producers, commissioning broadcasters/platform, cast, crew and budget.”

Head over to our Instagram channel what advice she would like to give to all young series makers.

How do you recognize a good TV series?

Yi Qiao

ZDF Studios | Director Drama

“Ultimately, it comes down to the story or idea. A unique perspective, a fresh view or exciting idea that hasn't been shown before.”

Check out Yi Qiao’s advice she gives to all young creators in this video on our Instagram channel.

What does the future hold for audiovisual media?

Jes Brandhøj

Nordisk Film Distribution | Head of Scripted Series, Sales, and Acquisitions

“The future of audiovisual media looks very promising, even though there are also some hiccups. There is a growing demand for high-quality content across different genres and formats. Advancements in technology such as VR, AR, and AI are also changing the way we consume and create media. As a result, we can expect to see more innovative and immersive content in the future, as well as greater opportunities for creators to reach global audiences.”

What advice do you have for young TV series creators?

Fleur Winters

Big Blue | CEO / Producer Big Blue Productions

"My advice for young creators in the series business is to be patient, continue finding your core strength as a creator and stay very close to it, while at the same time you try to gain as much experience as possible on other projects. It’s something you may not want to hear but unfortunately it can take a while before a streamer or broadcaster picks up your show. Some shows that are in production at Big Blue, started over 6-7 years ago. It is very important that you take your time to develop the best story possible before you get it funded. Remember that you can only send it in so many times and if you can feel the authenticity of the creator in the projects you know it has the potential to be something special.”

Thanks to our Advisory Board for the Co-Production Pitch 2023!

For more information on this format, the selection of projects and the winning series that will receive the SERIENCAMP Co-Pro Award supported by YAMDU, click here.

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