Advisory Board 2023: Writers’ Vision Pitch

This is our Advisory Board for the Writers' Vision Pitch 2023!

We are delighted to introduce this year's highly qualified Advisory Board for the Writers’ Vision Pitch 2023. The team of industry experts will support us in selecting the most promising TV-Series projects in their pre-development phase, submitted to our Call for Projects. Eight authors will be invited to present their project live on stage at SERIENCAMP CONFERENCE to an audience of producers, distributors, investors, and potential partners.

For more information about the pitching program, please see here.

We present our Writers’ Vision Pitch Advisory Board with Martichka Bozhilova, Philipp Schall, Ceylan Yildirim, Will Stapley and Katrin Merkel.

What advice do you have for young TV series creators?

Martichka Bozhilova

AGITPROP | Producer

“To be bold and to get to know the rules and current context of the international market.”

How do you recognize a good TV series?

Philipp Schall


“In the end it comes down to two things. First of all - having the right instinct for moving stories and constancy for those. And secondly, perseverance, as there are usually more challenges than one would initially expect.”

What are you looking for when reviewing a TV series?

Ceylan Yildirim

UFA Fiction | Executive Producer

“I am always interested in the core message of a project. It is important for me to check whether I can identify or empathize with the heroes and the challenges they face. Then I feel invited to share their feelings and keep watching. Genre is secondary.”

 What does the future hold for audiovisual media?

Will Stapley

Abacus Media Rights | Head of Acquistions

“Appetite for TV is not dwindling – there are more ways to consume content than ever before, but the way that people are doing so is changing. FAST (Free Ad-Supported TV)  and AVOD (Ad-Supported Video on Demand) players are increasing in popularity over SVOD (Suscription on Demand) due to the cost of living crisis and people being more selective in what they pay for. We may see an increase in the integration of brands to assist with funding.”

What advice do you have for young TV series creators?

Katrin Merkel

SERIAL EYES | Head of Studies

"Think about what your show is REALLY about. Decent storytelling requires a lot of sill and experience but in the end, the plot only serves as a means to tell your story. And if it’s a good story then people want it to never end. This is why you should make sure that you have something to tell and that there are enough interesting and - ideally - unsolvable conflicts.”

Thanks to our Advisory Board for the Writers’ Vision Pitch 2023!

For more information on this format, the selected projects and the winning project that will receive the SERIENCAMP Writers Vision Award supported by TELLUX group click here.

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