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Tac Romey

Writer; Producer; Professor

Taç Romey was born in the USA, has lived in Turkey, the USA, the Netherlands, and Germany. He studied acting, directing and dramaturgy in the USA and graduated from the renowned Brown University. He is a freelance author, professor, producer and managing director of Phantomfilm GmbH and B.V. He pioneered in A.I. assisted Screenwriting workshops. He currently advices writers, producers, agents, production companies and TV networks on how to responsibly use A.I. He is a member of the Blue Panther jury. Taç is professor for serial storytelling at the HFF Munich since 2016. His projects have received many nominations and awards, including the International Emmy, Golden Magnolia, Rose D'or, and the German TV Award.

Conference 2023

Do., 15.06.23 / 14:30 - 16:00
Herbrand’s / Bahnhaus
Tac Romey, Markus Walsch
Entdecken Sie einen neuen Weg der Serienentwicklung mit Künstlicher Intelligenz! Prof. Taç Romey & Markus Walsch führen Sie in "CreAItive PingPong" ein: Ein organischer, schrittweiser Prompting-Ansatz mit KI-Tools wie ChatGPT Erleben Sie eine neue Writers' Room-Erfahrung mit KI als Staff Writer oder virtuelles Publikum. Entfachen Sie Ihre Kreativität, sichern Sie sich jetzt Ihren Platz!