Coming of Age
United Kingdom

"Sex & The City for Millenials. Based on her own bestseller, Dolly Alderton tells us everything she knows about love. Or thinks she knows.

Peacemaker_ CMYK

A man like an advertising poster for machismo: As "Suicide Squad" peacemaker, wrestling star John Cena primarily lets weapons do the talking. And thus provides DC with a truly convincing hit series.

Rain Dogs

We Are Family: A devoted single mother, her privileged gay soulmate and her precocious daughter struggle to find a better life in a system that’s built against them.

That life on the social fringes of Great Britain is not easy, we know from ...

Kopie von Significant Other - Landscape

Can two opposing and traumatized individuals find happiness together? Based on an original Series from Israel, British dramedy “Significant Other” dares to bet against the odds.

Who, if not the English, could better bring together what does ...