Workshop: Hype & Meme

Wed, 14.06.23 / 15:10 - 16:00
Herbrand’s / Bahnhaus
Jana Zündel, Max Fraenkel, Jeanette Betz, Hatem El-Tawil

After an introduction and discussion on the panel, the participants invite to an open roundtable where questions aroundt he topic of memes, marketing and series are openly discussed: How important is internet literacy for writers and producers when creating series? what kind of knowledge and expertise is needed to create shows that resonate better with audiences? Is a new kind of mentality needed to market series to younger audiences?

Ask the experts and be part of the discussion!

Speakers & Hosts

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Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

5 Max Fraenkel Executive Producer

Studio Zentral
Executive Producer

Jeanette Betz

Friendship Media
Co-founder; Creative Director

Hatem El-Tawil

Friendship Media
Co-Founder & Managing Director