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Jana Zündel

Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

Jana Zündel is a postdoctoral researcher at the DFG Research Training Group “Configurations of Film” at Goethe University Frankfurt. She studied media studies in Weimar (2008-2011) and Bonn (2012-2015). Her dissertation (completed in 2021), which examines televisual and serial paratexts as indicators of media cultural change, was published as “Fernsehserien im medienkulturellen Wandel” in 2022 (Herbert von Halem Verlag). Jana Zündel was a research assistant in the Department of Media Studies at Bonn University (2017-2021) and scholarship holder in the Structured Doctoral Programme of the Faculty of Arts (2018-2021); her research and teaching focuses on digital media cultures and meme studies, television studies, series and streaming platforms, and film analysis and historiography.

Conference 2023

Wed, 14.06.23 / 13:00 - 13:30
Cinenova / Theatre 1
Jeanette Betz, Hatem El-Tawil, Jana Zündel, Max Fraenkel
Hit shows don't end when we stop watching - their life is extended into our social media vocabulary through memes. Experts discuss how and why the meme-ability of a series can be a huge factor in determining it's (popcultural) success.
Wed, 14.06.23 / 15:10 - 16:00
Herbrand’s / Bahnhaus
Jana Zündel, Max Fraenkel, Jeanette Betz, Hatem El-Tawil