SerienCampus: Meet The Lab: Audience:First

Thu, 06.06.24 / 16:30 - 17:30
Herbrand’s / Bahnhaus
Julia Mirjam Cantuária, Johannes Huth, Hans Christoph Böhringer, Matthias Leitner, Julia Zantl


The audience:first storytelling lab is an incubator for innovative storytelling. Through collaboration with BR and Drehbuchwerkstatt München, it offers a unique blend of expertise. Agile methodologies drive creativity, with early feedback and user-centered development at the core. The one-week design sprint accelerates projects, as seen in success stories like "Schlechte Menschen” (Bad People), "My Life as Spam" und “Schienenersatzverkehr” (out of service), whose authors will also share their experience in the workshop with you. Join us to unlock the potential of your series!


Julia Mirjam Cantuária (DRAMA SERIES 2022) - Anthology Workplace Comedy series SCHLECHTE MENSCHEN (Bad People), her series is in development with "Das ZDF Kleines Fernsehspiel”.

Julia Mirjam Cantuária is a freelance screenwriter who loves to inspire her audience with fantastic stories: from an examination department in the afterlife (BAD PEOPLE; in development with „ZDF Kleines Fernsehspiel“) to an alternative Germany with unpunished murders (ONE MURDER FREE) to a historical Vienna in a drug frenzy of a special kind (VIENNESE COFFEE).

Johannes Huth (DRAMA SERIES 2023) - His series SCHIENENERSATZVERKEHR (Out Of Service) has already received promising feedback from the industry.

Johannes Huth is an actor in theatre, television, and film. As a writer, director, and producer, he has spearheaded various independent films with the collective "die ausbeuter" in Berlin. His last film „Großmachen" (Doing Big Jobs) has been featured at numerous festivals and received an award at the 36th Videofilm Days in Mainz. In 2023 he participated in the "audience:first storytelling lab DRAMA SERIES" in Munich. Since 2024 Johannes has also ventured into podcasting serving as both writer and host.

Hans Christoph Böhringer (AUDIO FICTION 2023) - His podcast series MY LIFE AS SPAM is already in production for ARD Audiothek.

Hans Christoph Böhringer is a podcast writer and freelance technology reporter. His work includes the award-winning documentary audio series "Memes and Millions" about the GameStop market craze. Most recently, he wrote the science fiction podcast series MY LIFE AS SPAM, which is currently in production for ARD and for which the original idea was developed at the audience:first storytelling lab.

Matthias Leitner

Project Management audience:first storytelling lab, Bayerischer Rundfunk

Matthias Leitner is an award-winning digital storyteller who creates content strategies for cultural institutions. Recognized  for his work, including the "Ich, Eisner!" Messenger project and "München 72" social VR experience, he is the lead for audience: first storytelling lab at Bayrischer Rundfunk, developing fictional audio and video series. 

Julia Zantl

Project Management audience:first storytelling lab, Drehbuchwerkstatt München

Julia Zantl is member of the Drehbuchwerkstatt München team since 2024, where she has been co-directing the audience:first storytelling lab with Matthias Leitner since 2022. She studied Religious Sciences, Politics, and Ethnology in Munich and Paris. Starting her professional carrier in mainly tow production companies: in Paris, she was responsible for German content at doc en stock for several ARTE Themenabende. Later in Berlin she worked for Gero von Boehm, being mainly involved in ZDF-Terra X programs, ARTE discovery series and the ZDF program PRECHT. Since then, she has worked as a freelance writer and director of documentaries for public television and RTL focusing on history and true crime programs.


Julia Mirjam Cantuária (Screenwriter)


Johannes Huth (Actor, Writer, Director, Producer)

Actor, Author, Director, Producer

Hans Christoph Böhringer (Podcast Writer, Technology Reporter) (Audience First)

Podcast writer & freelance technology reporter

Speaker Conference 2023 (4)

Creative Producer; Storyteller

Julia Zantl (Project Management audiencefirst storytelling lab, Drehbuchwerkstatt München)

Drehbuchwerkstatt München
Project Management audience:first storytelling lab