Special: The Impact of AI on the Creative Industries & Beyond

Mi., 14.06.23 / 14:30 - 15:45
Cinenova / Saal 1
Gerhard Maier, Johanna Koljonen, Max Wiedemann

Is There Nothing To Fear? - Debates on the Future of AI

The surge of AI-powered tools is already transforming the media landscape. But most of us seem unprepared for the futures dawning - a quick trip through the new realities of AI. 


Gerhard Maier

KEYNOTE:  Why We All Should Talk To ­Chatbots…

Hannes Jakobsen, founder & CEO of Drive beta and part of the prompt/collective, shares his views on the transformative power of chatbots, their impact on creativity and why we all should talk more to ChatGPT, Bard and Bing. 


Hannes Jakobsen

KEYNOTE: Everything Changing All At Once

Presentation of the 10th Nostradamus Report. It is a deep dive into strengths and pitfalls that AI Technology will bring to the creative industries. 
The Nostradamus Report is commissioned and presented by the Göteborg Film Festival. It can be found here -  free of charge at.

Johanna Koljonen


PANEL: The Rise of AI - Paradigm shift or just a new tool?

Those who have been following the topic of AI and some of the concepts and thought schools behind it, were probably not surprised by the sudden rise of AI-tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney. What is surprising, though,  is how poorly prepared we seem to be for some of the big questions that arise from these developments.


Hannes Jakobsen Drive.beta, CEO

Johanna Koljonen Nostradamus Report

Max Wiedemann LEONINE Studios, Co-Chief Production & Business Development Officer 


Gerhard Maier

PITCH: Pitch Off - Human or AI

The audience has to decide after six different projects have been pitched: Who is behind the series concept - a human writer or an artificial intelligence!


In Cooperation with Creative Europe Desk NRW

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Johanna Koljonen

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