PANEL: From Pilot to Season without Commission

Fr., 16.06.23 / 15:45 - 16:30
Cinenova / Saal 1
Gerhard Maier, Lotte Ruf, Alice Gruia, Patrick William Smith

The path seems clear: You have an idea, you get commissioned, you produce, the series is broadcast or streamed. But a few dare to challenge the classic structures and boldly move outside the confines. Series like HAUS KUMMERVELDT and LU VON LOSER were fueled by the urge to tell a story and driven by the conviction that great stories will find their audience. What started as a Indie projects without distribution attached, not only found those audiences, they grew into hits picked up by broadcasters.

Is this a model to be followed? What are the risks and potential rewards of the „do it yourself“-approach? And what kind of support from funding bodies is available to writers, producers and creators who don't want to wait for permission to tell their stories?

Hosts & Speaker

Seriencamp Mitarbeiter 2021

Programmchef, Mitgründer

Speaker Conference 2023 (9)
Lotte Ruf

Goldstoff Filme GmbH

Alice Gruia_20231928_27-10-22_©Patrick Essex

CEO; Actress; Filmmaker

Patrick William Smith

Creator; Producer; Writer; Director