PANEL: From Pilot to Season without Commission

Fr., 16.06.23 / 15:45 - 16:30
Cinenova / Saal 1
Lotte Ruf, Mark Lorei, Alicia Gruia

The path seems clear: You have an idea, you get commissioned, you produce, the series is broadcast or streamed. But a few dare to challenge the classic structures and boldly move outside the confines. Series like HAUS KUMMERVELDT and LU VON LOSER were fueled by the urge to tell a story and driven by the conviction that great stories will find their audience. What started as a Indie projects without distribution attached, not only found those audiences, they grew into hits picked up by broadcasters.

Is this a model to be followed? What are the risks and potential rewards of the „do it yourself“-approach? And what kind of support from funding bodies is available to writers, producers and creators who don't want to wait for permission to tell their stories?


Speaker Conference 2023 (9)
Lotte Ruf

Goldstoff Filme GmbH
Writer / Producer / Director

Marc Lorei
Mark Lorei

Regie; Formatentwicklung

Alice Gruia_20231928_27-10-22_©Patrick Essex

CEO; Actress; Filmmaker